Notes on Working with a Ghostwriter

Authors who want their memoir or autobiography to be read by more than their relatives and a few friends need to consider how they will market their book and which brick-and-mortar venues they’d like to see carry it. Museum bookshops are one obvious venue for an artist’s memoir. In the next two weeks I plan… Read more »

So you want to write your memoir? Okay. Let’s set aside for the moment the question of whether you really want to do that and consider some of the basic, practical skills you’ll either need to hire someone for or learn to do yourself. I’m not talking about punctuation, grammar, and organization. Those are your… Read more »

#1 Family History, Autobiography, or Memoir?

Are you headed for a family history, autobiography, or memoir? Because writing has an unnerving ability to silently turn east and leave you thinking you’re still heading north, having a destination in mind can be useful on the trip. Family History As the name implies, a family history has a broad scope and covers at… Read more »