Photo of keyboard with Experience key*We often think of writers toiling in lonely isolation. But two heads really are better than one.

Working with an editor saves you time and strengthens your professional reputation. Your expert knowledge combined with my ability to quickly learn your concerns will produce the writing you need.

I work with authors on books, reports, and papers of all kinds, such as case studies, proposals, and briefs.

I’m known for listening carefully and respectfully to my clients and responding with targeted, goal-oriented writing. I have a strong work ethic: I deliver as promised, on time.

What I found particularly helpful was your ability to take my rough draft documents, and, after an extended conversation about the issues covered in them and the audiences to which they would be submitted, you rewrote, reorganized, reframed them into more coherent, compelling reports.

You were able to understand and grasp the context, to understand the stakeholders and what they needed or wanted to know, and to make the entire rewrite seem seamless and very close to my original intent and language.

I have never worked with a writer who didn’t insert more of their own language or thinking into a document, and you did not do that, which is a remarkable skill.

Priscilla Kimboko, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI