ESL Writers

Collaborative writing for the ESL professional

Maps on a globeI’ve prepared papers for publication by ESL authors from 38 countries on six continents.

Writing in our own language isn’t always easy. For most people, writing in someone else’s language is far more difficult. If English is not your first language,  I can work with you to produce professional-quality writing to show your work to its best advantage.

If you have ESL members on your team, I can blend their contributions seamlessly into your final product.

I admire ESL writers tremendously. As a native English speaker, I haven’t had to compete in a foreign language, an advantage that has made my life much easier.

Many of the ESL authors whose papers I’ve worked on have published in the Transportation Research Record, the journal of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. Subjects include roundabouts, asphalt technology, light rail, public transportation for large events, women’s issues in transportation, marine shipping, red light running, geomaterials, traffic safety, and a broad variety of other transportation issues.

See selected titles from my ESL revision for English publication portfolio